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The Burgers and Fries Post


I really didn’t want to get involved with this. However, new developments have forced my hand. Consider this my first and last post on the subject. It will be long. A masterpost of sorts.

Why now, why so late, if not before? Censorship. I am staunchly anti-censorship, and so now am staunchly anti-Quinn.

Posts on Reddit and most of 4chan are disappearing,



Youtube videos are being taken down,


articles are being removed,



and she’s trying to censor the Internet Archive itself.


I will not stand for this. I can not.

The explicit purpose of this post is to archive and to spread this information before it can be suppressed.

For those not in the know, earlier this week the ex-boyfriend of indie game developer and Tumblr-Brand-Feminism darling Zoe Quinn, Eron Gjoni, made a blog cataloging her infidelity and emotional manipulation and abuse of him. It’s a long, condemning read, and not the sort of thing I’d concern myself with much at all beyond a message of sympathy to the abused and a mental note of who not to do business with in the future.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper. Among the five men known to Gjoni as Quinn’s paramours are her married boss, Joshua Boggs (Creator of FRAMED, co-founder of Australian Indie Developer Loveshack Entertainment), Kotaku and RockPaperShotgun “Journalist” Nathan Grayson, and at least one other indie dev.


This is serious, industry-shaking stuff. The reaction was immediate.

Eyes were already on Quinn during the development of her game, Depression Quest. As she tried to get the game on Steam Greenlight, she claimed to have been harassed by members of an imageboard for depressed male virgins, Wizardchan. The drama is well summed here:


In essence: A manufactured controversy which launched Quinn into the fame of martyrdom at the emotional cost of people Depression Quest is proclaimed to be “for.”

She also received a bit of flak for deciding to release Depression Quest on the day Robin Williams’ death by suicide was confirmed. A coincidence, she maintains.

As the backlash struck, some of her fellow indie devs became a sort of shield around Quinn, rallying against any opposition. Including another indie dev who came forward as a victim of sexual harassment at Quinn’s hands.





Naked pictures of Quinn have begun to circulate. People have tried to frame this as “nudes being leaked,” but there’s something wrong with that: The pictures being spread around are from professional photo shoots. These aren’t personal images being “leaked,” they’re readily available to anyone who pays for them. I’ll not be linking to these.

This morning Quinn’s Tumblr page had some posts that don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the blog.


She now claims that her Tumblr was hacked. And that she was “doxxed.”




Beyond that, this “doxx” is suspect for other reasons. Typically, when an account is hijacked for the purposes of leaking information by groups like 4chan, there tends to be more information that would be actually useful to people from 4chan. Account passwords, pictures of the addresses being released, names, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, places of work; things that someone from 4chan could exploit with little effort from the comfort of their computer desk. This “doxxing” has nothing of any particular use, even if the info wasn’t fake.

In addition, “HACKED BY 4CHAN.ORG/V/” seems a bit direct, doesn’t it? Like, “Just in case you couldn’t piece this together, 4CHAN DID THIS. 4CHAN.ORG/V/, specifically. No, a proper 4chan raid does not operate like this. Passing mentions of the board the hacker is from, some memes, some racist slurs mixed in with postings that somewhat fit in with the blog tend to be their modus operandi. And if they were going to leak something, there would be some kind of build up.

And the posts? Downright tame, even if they weren’t shooting for subtlety.

I call bullshit.

Some further drama,




A repost of the audio from the censored Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxOx2my3BUs

The censored Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2dz0gs/totalbiscuit_discusses_the_state_of_games/

Wolf Wozniak tweets from: http://diarrheaworldstarhiphop.tumblr.com/post/95051100963/indie-developer-comes-forward-in-light-of-recent

Post will be updated if things get worse.

This Five Guys scandal is really frightening honestly.
Almost every single major website, even some minor ones have it as a bannable offence to discuss about it even in a non threatening manner. 

-Over 11,000 comments were deleted about it on Reddit, as well a senior mod with evidence of contact with Zoe having auto delete anything

-Every single board discussing it gets shut down with the same claim that “It doesn’t belong on this board

-An independant gaming company in Europe covered this and was shut down by their hosting company

-Phil Fish and other indie developers are bullying anybody who admits anything about Zoe on Twitter

-She was doxxed yesterday only to be proven she only changed her account herself, and note that Tumblr doesn’t allow more than one person logged onto an account at once. Also blames /v/ for this

-Complete media silence despite gaping proof of journalistic corruption and threats of shutdown should you speak of it

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

God since when did 4chan suddenly become so SJW mod infested. We’re having proof of mods outright admitting they’re raving SJW and have been banning anything they don’t like.
Even on /b/
Even on fucking /b/

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In one small part of space, a war continues. In war, there can only be one victor. Space is an uninhabited wilderness and bloody wounds disappear with time. Maybe the multitude of stars in the sky remember these wounds. Maybe it is fated that even those stars will vanish one day. Man’s presence in the midst of these stars is all that remains of a forgotten battle. At this time, in the middle of the universe, an insignificant island, a galaxy, was at war. The combatants are the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance.

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